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Email Newsletter FAQ's Answered

An email newsletter is a great tool to add to your marketing arsenal. If you're new to this, here are some answers to the most common questions about getting started.

Why send an email newsletter?

Easy answer here: email is the most cost-effective marketing medium with the highest return on investment.  And if you're trying to grow your customer share -- and you should be -- it's a great way to market to your existing clientele.

What should I put in an email newsletter?

Think about what you would want to read in a trade magazine about your business. Is it article after article that tries to sell you something?  Probably not. Instead, give your readers how-to information, tips, advice and success stories without the sales pitch. Build a relationship as a helpful expert and they'll become interested in doing more business with you.

How often should I send an email newsletter?

Strike the right balance and deliver your newsletter often enough so you're not forgotten by your subscribers, but not so often that you wear out your welcome in their in-box.  A monthly newsletter is typical, but every other month -- or every other week -- is also fine. Whatever you choose, be consistent in your delivery.

When should I send an email  newsletter?

Consider how most of us handle our email. Monday usually brings a flood of waiting messages. Friday is a getaway day for many people -- the day we like to get away from email that can sit unread until Monday. That leaves Tuesday through Thursday, and late morning on any of these days is the best time to avoid the email rush hours.

Where do I get email addresses from?

It's NOT a good idea to buy a list, for two reasons: first, it's expensive, and second, you can run afoul of laws that require you to have a business relationship with recipients or get their prior permission to send emails. Better to build your list from existing clients and anyone who you contact.

Create a sign-up page on your web site and link to it from every other page. You can also add a link to this page in your email signature, so every email you send includes a sign-up offer.  Be proactive and make calls to your clients or customers and ask permission to sign them up.

If you have more questions or want some expert assistance, there are plenty of companies that offer email newsletter design, content creation and delivery services. Whether you do it yourself or get some help, consider using an email newsletter to market your expertise and grow your business.

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