Your Benefits of Choosing an Easy Newsletter Creation Software

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When it comes to writing, creating and publishing your online newsletter, you have 2 options: Doing it all yourself… or choosing an easy free newsletter software that helps in every step of the way.

You can use email newsletter software to make the process of bulk emailing easy and efficient. Marketers need to send a large number of email messages to their potential customers daily, weekly or monthly.

It is not easy to work through all the tasks of email marketing manually. This is where newsletter software comes in handy. These tools provide a variety of functions for their users:

  1. Newsletter software tools can send different types of email messages such as promotional fliers, ezines, advertising messages, greetings and other informative messages to your readers or potential customers in multiple languages.
  2. Some of these tools can be integrated with websites to automate the functions of subscription and unsubscription. An email with the subject of ‘Subscribe’ will be added to your subscribers’ list. Similarly for unsubscription the subject of your email message should be ‘Unsubscribe’.
  3. They can update email contact list and send the right message to the right recipient based on data filters.
  4. You can compose your message in a WYSIWYG HTML editor with the help of these tools.
  5. You may import email addresses from Microsoft Excel, Outlook and Microsoft Access using software tools. Moreover, files saved in CSV format can also be imported directly to these tools.
  6. Newsletter software tools provide the feature of file attachment but the size of attachment that can be sent varies from SMTP server to server. Moreover you can insert images in your email message directly.
  7. Most newsletter software tools work with your ISP’s SMTP servers. You may also use SMTP connections from dedicated service providers.
  8. These tools have an important feature of mail merge which is used to personalize your messages. You can customize your email templates using mail merge feature of the software.
  9. You can filter groups of email contacts to target them with customized messages. You can make new lists, modify existing lists and import addresses from external sources easily.
  10. You can apply filters that prevent certain email addresses and domain names from receiving email. Similarly you can filter data in advanced ways depending on a particular field.
  11. Recipient of the email message may view messages in both text and HTML format.
  12. Details of your contact list should be secure and private therefore such tools may offer a security feature of password protection.

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