PDF vs. HTML Newsletters: Newsletter Format and Design

pdf html newsletter format

Are you looking for ideas on HTML vs. PDF newsletter format and design ideas? When starting to publish your own newsletter for the first time, this is a natural common question to ask.

Each of these formats have special unique benefits – comparing to your business and the topic of your newsletter.

So here you can see a list of pros and cons of PDF and HTML newsletter designs – depending on your business and personal needs…

PDF Newsletters: Pros and Cons

PDF is capable of containing all sorts of images, pictures, graphics, tables, grids, formats and complex font designs. All you need to do it create the articles and designs in a software program like Microsoft Word, and then simply convert it into a PDF document using easy free newsletter creation software available online.

Then you can simply email your published newsletter to your subscribers. They will simply download and save the content and read it at their peace.

One special benefit to this format, is how compatible it is on all sorts of different operating systems, computer and mobile devices.

In other words, you can rest assured your newsletter design will look exactly the same on all kinds of various devices. PDF is a perfect user-friendly format for your newsletter.

On the other hand, the fact that your subscribers must first download your content to be able to read and access it, may be too much effort for some. So in result, maybe the number of your responsive readers will be reduced.

HTML Newsletter Format: Pros and Cons

Now as you may already know, HTML is quite an easy format to create. You can easily publish your free newsletter using various easy to use free software tools out there.

And it’s easy to send out your content as an HTML email, so your subscribers can easily ready your articles the instant they open up your email.

The only downside is, HTML content looks usually different on various operating systems and email clients. The table designs may be twisted and messed up. The fonts as well. So you never know in which weird form your subscribers are going to see your newsletter this time.

So at the end, depending on the pros and cons of each format, it’s up to you to choose PDF or HTML for your newsletter format.

Good luck!

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