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Newsletter Names - Ideas for Newsletter Titles


When it comes to newsletter names and titles, the name you choose has a huge effect on your readership. So it is essential you choose a good title right from the start. Newsletter publishing solutions, email marketing, and autoresponders don't help much without an effective newsletter name.

Here are some ideas to help you come up with creative newsletter names. They will also help you choose awesome company newsletter names...

#1. Your Niche

You can include the name of your niche in your newsletter title to explain what the content is about. This is one of the most common naming techniques people use. Here are some sample newsletter names...

  • Affiliate Marketing Facts
  • Search Engine Optimization Advice
  • Email Marketing Insider Tips
  • Easy Gardening Guide
  • Free Golf Tips

#2. Your Target Market

Your newsletter targets a certain audience, right? How about that you use their name in your newsletter title to attract their attention? This will tell them you offer the information that they want. Here are some good newsletter names...

  • Affiliate Marketers Weekly
  • Work at Home Moms
  • Pet Lovers Tips & Trends

Also if your target market are Christians for example and you are looking for Christian newsletter names, here are some sample names...

  • Christian Work At Home Moms
  • The Conservative Christian Newsletter
  • Christians Weekly Talks

#3. Catchy Newsletter Names

Depending on your target market, this type of name can work for you. The benefit to these kind of names is that they're catchy and easy to remember. They're just creative names out of no where.

However, their weakness is that your audience can't understand what your newsletter is about. So you need to provide them with a short description everywhere you introduce your newsletter. Here are some creative newsletter titles...

  • The Great Gordino
  • Scootey Lindo
  • Zapping Tides
  • Blue Velvet Times

The three tips you just learned here can help you come up with great company newsletter names, and names and titles for other types of newsletters.

You can also find some catchy newsletter names in this article.

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Words to Use at the Beginning of Newsletter Titles...

  • Hot
  • Best
  • Top
  • Free
  • Your
  • Fast
  • Insider
  • Easy
  • New
  • Simple
  • First
  • Special
  • Latest
  • How to
  • Successful
  • Unique
  • Powerful
  • Super
  • Great
  • Right
  • Magic
  • Happy
  • Killer
  • Web
  • Net
  • Internet
  • Online

Words to Use at the End of Newsletter Titles...

  • Tips
  • Guide
  • Solution
  • Advice
  • Secrets
  • Facts
  • News
  • Truth
  • Alert
  • Voice
  • Updates
  • Trends
  • Happenings
  • Report
  • Digest
  • Connection
  • Challenge
  • Insider
  • Enterprise
  • Gazette
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Today
  • Lines
  • Mentor
  • Witness
  • Reporter
  • Spectator

3 Steps to Choose a Name for Your Newsletter

1. Brainstorm at least 20 names. Of course try to write more ideas. The more name ideas you get, the more likely you will find a better name. Think out of the box. No matter how crazy your ideas sound, just write them down. You'll see how they act like stepping stones to bring you more creative ideas.

2. Read your list and cross out the names that sound less good than others until you have only 5 good names.

3. Show your list to your friends and colleagues. You can ask for people's opinions in forums too. Then choose a name out of those 5 ideas based on the feedback you get.

So What's Next?

OK, now that you have chosen a great name, it's time to find a professional design for your newsletter so that it makes a good impression on oyur readers and will atrract them to read your every issue.

You can either create your newsletter design all yourself from scratch, or as an easier and faster alternative, you can use ready-made, easy to use newsletter templates and then change them any way you wish.

Using professional templates will save you a lot of time and also will give your newsletter a much more professional look and feel.

So would you like to get more catchy newsletter name ideas? Check out this easy guide to find out more!

Discover more newsletter tools and software to create and design your newsletter easily.


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